Cut the cost of your bills with the HTA Utilities Scheme

The scheme has been developed to help HTA members cut energy and water costs and manage these utilities in a sustainable way.



Purchasing electricity for businesses can be time consuming and complicated. With energy costs constantly changing and the non energy costs part of your bill rising it is essential that any organisation knows exactly when to go to market and how to access the wholesale prices offered by all suppliers. Why spend time on this yourself?


If your gas bills are soaring, contact us today to talk about how to reduce them. We’ll help you to secure the best possible price that’s available for your gas as well as reduce consumption in a sustainable way.


In April 2017, the water retail market will open to businesses across England (and for businesses in Wales, or those that have their existing water company based mainly in Wales, and that use more than 50 million litres of water per year). Simply, this means that Business water customers will be able to switch providers, but are not obligated to. Whilst the water wholesaler will remain geographically determined, the licensed provider i.e. the company undertaking the billing and meter readings, can be chosen by the customer.



You will be able to enjoy reduced price gas and electric contracts, mitigate potential water overcharging and a host of other benefits including:

  • Group procurement strategy with sustainable options
  • Electronic paperless billing and flexible payment options
  • Bespoke metering solutions including AMR installation
  • Utility management and efficiency advice
  • Tailored and cost effective sustainability packages
  • Discounted ‘results driven’ cost recovery service

HTA members can utilise the experience and knowledge that we have gained through years of working within the industry to enable them to benefit from cheaper prices and cost reduction.

To find out how you and your organisation can benefit please contact us on 01708 765555