The water market is changing, let us help you take the plunge.

Water deregulation is on the horizon for all non-domestic customers in England, regardless of size or usage level. From 1st April organisations in England join those from Scotland in having the freedom to pick who will supply their retail water services. Choice is good! And with that choice comes the chance to save money and get better customer service.


In England, there will be 17 new retailers servicing over 1.3 million business customers. Each company must define how it wants to operate in this new marketplace. The HTA Utilities scheme will deliver a range of benefits including:

  • better value for your money
  • lowering your bills and charges
  • improving customer service
  • tailored services for your company – such as consolidated billing
  • help you to be more efficient with the use of water
  • reduced carbon emissions from cuts in water use
  • more innovation and better use of technology

We’ve put together some useful guides to help you get your business ready for the English water market opening in April 2017.

How your business water procurement will change

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you get up to speed and get your business ready for market opening.

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Our comprehensive FAQ


 Everything you need to know about the changes in 2017 in one place.


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 Deregulation made easy


Our deregulation checklist covers all industries so that you can understand what’s most important for your business.

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There is no cost to your business and Ofwat predict 90% of HTA members could save money by switching retailers and looking at the way they consume and manage water.

For more information on changes to the water market and to find out how much you can save on water costs as an HTA member please contact David Bradley-Brock on 01708 765555 or email . You can also visit the Energycentric website or connect with HTA Utilities at Energycentric on LinkedIn.